The Digital Marketing Workshop

Our 2-day digital marketing training course focuses on the pillars of modern marketing and holistic digital solutions. This course is designed to provide you with the skills to navigate the changing marketing landscape. We are proud to present this innovative course so you can continue to build your confidence and knowledge as a marketing professional.

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Google AdWords Course

Our 1 day Google Adwords training course focuses on building Google AdWords campaign. You will create both text and image ads and target campaigns to specific audience segments by using advanced AdWords features. You will refine and optimize all aspects of your AdWords campaigns from ads, to keywords, to bidding, to budgets. You will also use advanced tools to manage AdWords accounts and data.

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Our training courses give you the knowledge you need to be a successful business person or entrepreneur. In a fast-paced digital environment, you constantly need to be improving your skills, otherwise, your competition will erode your business. We have delivered training to large and small organizations. Each course is taught using simple, non-technical language so you can master the fundamental concepts and tools essential to digital marketing success.