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My Classic Designs + Kipling

$1,500.00 / month

[fusion_pricing_row][fusion_accordion divider_line=”” class=”” id=””][fusion_toggle title=”Account Setup” open=”no”]

Strategic Planning & Account Set Up

Etsy & Amazon Store Setup

Advanced Email Marketing Set Up with segmentation

Upto 2 hours of website modification work[/fusion_toggle][/fusion_accordion][/fusion_pricing_row]

[fusion_pricing_row]Level 3 SEO work[/fusion_pricing_row]
[fusion_pricing_row]Weekly Content Marketing Piece(Blog)[/fusion_pricing_row]
[fusion_pricing_row]Level 3 Social Media work set.
Includes up to 3 social media promotion and follow ups[/fusion_pricing_row]
[fusion_pricing_row]Weekly Email Marketing Blast[/fusion_pricing_row]
[fusion_pricing_row]Tech Support[/fusion_pricing_row]
[fusion_pricing_row]Design Development Services[/fusion_pricing_row]


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