Branding / Logo Design

Your brand and design communicate to your customer quality and professionalism. Having a recognized brand is paramount in a competitive marketplace. We will take you from inception to finished product by establishing your unique selling proposition and personality.

We take all the entire character of your organization into consideration when we talk branding with you. Only once we fully understand, we work outwards, designing your website, logo, business cards, and other marketing assets.

Your brand is what your customers will recognize and what will allow you to stand head and shoulders above your competition.

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Branding is how the world views you. It’s your public persona both on and offline. But it’s also so much more than just a fancy wardrobe, shiny shoes, and some makeup. It’s your company’s deepest core values, your mission statement, and the reason you do business the way you do.

Our design process is simple, we usually provide with 2-4 unique design concepts and then work on a chosen concept to make a final strong branded logo.

Some Examples:


Spa To Go

Spa To Go is a personalized massage service that is brought directly to your door. It targeted busy professionals and people who are short on time. We recognized the target would be people who needed quick [...]