Marketing for TEDxStanleyPark


Roger Killan, the presenter of TEDxStanelyPark came to us after deciding to move his TED conference from the Waterfront Theatre on Granville Island to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in the heart of downtown. However, to fill the new venue, he had to sell almost three times the amount of tickets he did the previous year. […]

Marketing for Berfas And Associates


Berfas And Associates, a downtown Manhattan divorce law firm, is in a very competitive market. They knew they to stand out and get noticed by the high-networth clients they hoped to attract, the marketing efforts had to be extraordinary.

We needed to first optimize their site so they stood out whenever searched for the appropriate keywords. We did […]

Marketing/ Branding for Lotoski


Chris Lotoski a very successful realtor for MLA Canada, he came to us because he wanted help building his personal brand and reaching his target audience.

With Chris, we decided on a multi-platform approach almost no other realtor in Vancouver in has tried ever before. We then helped him build up his email list with highly […]

The Dance Store Marketing / Branding


Harlequin Costume & Dance Store, located in Winnipeg, Canada, came to us to launch their international store. They were a small, family-run company that wanted to develop an ecommerce component to be able to ship internationally.

We created their online store and then started to market across Canada with their refreshed brand, using strategic campaigns to attract their target […]