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Amar has founded several companies and help others grow them successfully. As a marketer and business owner, he understands every facet of business, from branding, human resources, product strategy, to finance After 14 years of multidimensional work experience in complex business projects, he founded Kipling Media in 2014.
At Kipling Media, Amar combines his passion for advertising, design, and technology to create personalized campaigns that stand out and get business owners the results they are looking for. He uses his vast knowledge to strategize and innovate, disrupting conventional thinking and build something truly inspiring.

UX/UI Designer / Programmer

Reza graduated from Carlton University with a degree in Interactive Multimedia and Design. He moved to the Vancouver office from Ottawa in 2016 and is the primary programmer and UX/UI designer at Kipling Media.
Previously he worked at Dundee Capital as the Web Developer and at IBM as a UX designer. He came in 3rd place in Microsoft’s Imagine Cup which helps programmers develop their app ideas and give them the experience to elevate their skills.

Full Stack Web Developer

Sam is head of the Kipling Media Winnipeg division. He graduated in marketing and business studies from Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning and completed Developer Bootcamp at CodeCore to become a Full Stack Developer.
After working in the marketing department for Shaw Communications Inc., where he ran many successful campaigns, he joined Kipling Media as a full stack developer.
He is an innovator and pushes the boundaries on all the projects he works on. He was a featured speaker at the University of St. Boniface about advertising, networking and marketing. Sam is Kipling’s developer but is also deeply entrenched in all aspects of the business.

Lead Content Writer

Joel is an experienced marketer who works in a variety of industries – from Vancouver tech startups to high-powered New York law firms. He co-founded Kipling Media, a full-scale marketing agency that specializes in small and medium-sized businesses.
He graduated from the Langara Journalism School in 2007 and worked in public relations before starting out as a copywriter. He is an award-winning novelist, screenwriter, film producer and journalist.
He is also a writer and his first fiction novel, A Thousand Bayonets, won the Editor’s Choice Award, and the Pinnacle Achievement Award for Best Thriller. His film Neutral Territory played in over 30 film festivals including New York, Beijing, Lucerne, and won 15 awards. It was sold to Shaw Cable.

Designer / Developer

Calvin is a full-stack developer with a powerful eye for UX Design and absolutely loves solving problems, whether through design or through programming.
He works with Javascript, Ruby, React-Native, Express, Ruby on Rails and the Adobe Creative Suite.
Calvin has a bachelors degree in Interactive Arts from SFU and has worked with a lot of Startups ever since.