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lynn valley Care Centre

  • Website development
  • Public relations
  • Marketing

combining traditional care
with non-traditional marketing

Lynn Valley Care Centre came to us with an outdated website and no marketing plan to find new clients. They always found their residents through referrals from nearby hospitals, but Lynn Valley Care Centre wanted to fill up their allotment of private rooms.

bringing a senior
facility up to speed

The first thing we did was update their website to give it a modern feel.
The challenge was to give it a beautiful design while making it easy
to navigate for the elderly. We first listened to the different stakeholders
including the staff, patients, and family members who gave us their
input before creating a mock up design. Once we had the wireframe
approved, we were able to build the website. However, having a
beautiful-looking website was just the beginning. Now that we needed
to get Lynn Valley Care Centre in front of potential clients.

home is where the heart is

Building this particular marketing campaign, we knew it would be one of the most important campaigns we had to date. We feel at Kipling Media, there is nothing more important than caring for the elderly and ensuring that they have a great quality of life. We had to convey not only the affordability but also the quality of care.

We could create a promotional campaign to help them advertise to senior citizens who are thinking about making the transition. With a new website, we needed to learn more about Lynn Valley Care Centre. We toured the facility and one thing that stuck out to us was both the beauty of the faculty and the surrounding mountains.

Lynn Valley is one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in British Columbia, and as such we thought we could capitalize on the breathtaking scenery – both inside and out.

We worked on several digital fronts including social media, paid advertising, organic search as well as more traditional marketing such as pamphlets and flyers to convey the message that we felt made Lynn Valley unique.

Then through a number of public relation initiatives, we helped build strong relationships with the surrounding community and with organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Society the Cancer Society, community centres, and the Lynn Valley Business Association

wisdom belongs to the ages

We thought it would take some time to see results since the sales cycle at Lynn Valley was a long one. However, we were pleasantly surprised when we saw results almost right away. People were contacting Lynn Valley outside of their usual channels almost immediately. In addition, we were able to convert website visitors – potential clients who previously could not find Lynn
Valley Care Centre online – to actual paying residents. We saw website traffic spike and perhaps more importantly, people stayed on the site a lot longer than before. We considered this a very positive sign since most children of seniors do a lot of research and a lot of comparing before deciding to contact a senior care facility. Lynn Valley was thrilled because they saw a significant boost in private pay clients.


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