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launch academy Entrepreneur Training

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prepare for takeoff

Launch Academy is an incubator for tech entrepreneurs who want training, mentorship, and resources to make their startup idea a reality. Launch Academy came to us to redesign their website to reflect their growing digital presence and to increase the online sales.

a solid launchpad

We spent time learning about their business model. We went through
their Accelerator Training Program and their Startup Visa with their
team. We identified the type of entrepreneurs Launch Academy
wanted to target and created a visually appealing design that would
capture this audience and drive online sign ups to their email courses
which was the start of their marketing funnel.

to the infinity and beyond

As a non-profit organization, there were a lot of stakeholders we had to be consulted including their leadership team, the sponsors, their clients, and their feedback integrated into the design. We discussed the customer journey and how each page would convey Launch Academy’s core message.

The challenge with increasing their online presence without any large marketing budget. Launch Academy has a great local reputation locally, but as they moved more of their training online they have to compete with other large-scale digital brands such as Udemy, Alison, and Lynda.

successful landing

The solution was to leverage their large network of clients, alumni, and partnerships to help market their courses and drive online conversion. When it came to the actual layout, we designed each course page as a sales landing page, driving action towards signups. The initial redesign saw a steady increase in numbers and an influx to their sales funnel. Overall, the new design is easier to navigate and with increased functionality.


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