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harlequin The Dance Store

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tapping into the web

How do you convey the grace, beauty, and athleticism of a ballerina into an e-commerce website? That was our challenge when we were hired by Harlequin Costume & Dance Store, a traditional brick and mortar store that sells ballet, jazz, and other dance clothes and shoes. The owners wanted us to help them gain a broader reputation as one of the best dance stores in North America.

dancing with
the developers

Through a series of initial meetings, we discovered their philosophy, their brand, and their style. We created a website wireframe that focused on e-commerce that was sleek, alluring yet converted  sales. We felt it was important to keep the family-atmosphere and to showcase their dedication to customer service. With our experience with other e-commerce stores, we built the website using videos, punchy copy, and elegant design that The Dance Store owners loved for its simplicity yet elegance – just like the performance of Swan Lake.

let’s admit it.
we all judge a book by it’s cover.

With the invention of the “unboxing” videos on Youtube, design and package has never been more important. Sometimes it’s the first exposure people have to your brand. We knew that the  package had to tell a story about your company. It has to excite the consumer enough to create locality and an experience that people would never forget and want to pass onto their friends. The Dance Store created their own line of clothing and they needed packaging that would reflect the values of the store. Since the Kipling Media team had been working with The Dance Store for a couple of years, we knew their branding and the type of look they wanted. We decided on a black-and-white minimalist feel, giving it a classy, fresh appeal. The packaging is now used to ship tights and other articles of clothing across North America.

dance like everybody is watching

At Kipling we don’t believe in a “Build It and They Will Come” philosophy which is why as soon as the finishing touches were put on the website, test transactions were done, and the SEO tags were in place, we started tohelp with their marketing efforts. As the owners of Harlequin Dance Store weren’t familiar with how to navigate digital marketing, we suggested to them a wholistic approach that would give customers multiple touching points – and multiple opportunities – to buy. Using the latest tools, we created a strategy, and targeted clients we knew would be interested in purchasing from the Dance Store.


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