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putting a spark into advertising

We came in and did an initial analysis of all branding and marketing materials. We found that although the website was functional, it lacked an updated feel, especially when you compared it to their competition. Initially, they did well targeting and marketing to the baby boomer generation but we really wanted to focus on a younger customer, even millennials as we saw millennials disposable income increase. If we could create some buzz around Envo as the ‘it’ brand and push that message to a new segment of customers, we could dramatically increase sales. As most digital marketers know, the website is the engine of all marketing materials and you need to have a great website that is functional, SEO optimized and has a great design. While Ebike BC’s website was easy to navigate for the most part, it needed to be redesigned and all the images and pages optimized. Once we finished this, the next aspect was producing high-quality content which we could disseminate to the various channels. First, however, since we knew very little about the technical aspects of an ebike, we had to learn. The owner is an engineer who is very passionate about how his ebikes are built which made him a great teacher. He gave us a lengthy tutorial and then came the fun part: test riding all the different bikes. We got to try out different converted ebikes, tricycles, foldable ebikes, and many more. Once we were more knowledgeable about ebikes we were able to write detailed, appealing content that not only ranked well with Google but helped potential customers make decisions on the type of ebike they should buy. While written content is great for search ranking, we also knew that it was only the first step of the process. Next, we did several photoshoots and created some small YouTube videos which emphasized Envo’s benefits and introduced the ebike to a new audience.

trail blazing with ebikes

Ebikes have become incredibly popular especially in recent years both because of the cost of gas and as people are becoming more environmentally friendly. Ebikes have become popular with all generations. It’s a great way to get up over that last hill after a long ride or to commute long distances. While they are more expensive than a traditional bike, they are more versatile. EbikeBC is a Vancouver company that designs and sells electric bikes across Canada. In addition to selling all brands of ebikes and conversion kits, they also have an in-house brand called ENVO.

ain’t no mountain high enough…

In conjunction with these marketing efforts, we also did a complete brand analysis on Envo and Ebike BC as a whole, identifying its strengths and weaknesses. We saw that Envo is really popular with people who are very knowledgeable about electric bikes since it’s easily customizable. Instead of just promoting it as a solid, reliable ebike, we pivoted our messaging slightly and targeted it to people who wanted an ebike which is easy to modify. This piqued the interest of the target consumers since there is no other ebike on the market that positioned themselves in that way.

off to the races

The result is that over half of their traffic and sales are now coming from organic searches. This means Ebikes can decrease their ad spend, saving themselves money and increasing their domain authority. As Envo becomes more recognizable, customers are now searching for the product both online and in stores. This enabled Ebike BC to increase partnerships with dealers across Canada, putting Envo in more stores. Ebike sales continue to climb and they managed to hit record-breaking months while working with us.


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